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Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Break Photos!

Ok I said I would be back with some pictures from my trip and here they are:

This is a picture of the Bacardi Distillary off the coast of Old San Juan.

Some of my friends and I posing by the wall of Bacardi Superior bottles. These bottles are actually there, I did not photoshop them in!

A view from one of the historic forts in Old San Juan. There are two forts on opposite ends of the city, both with amazing views overlooking the water.

Beautiful cemetery on the edge of the city overlooking the water.

Waterfall at the base of the El Yunque rain forest. We swam in it after our 4 hour hike to the peak of the rain forest and back.

My entire spring break group after we had reached the top of the rain forest. Definitely the highlight of our trip for me.

Beach that our hotel was located on.
But alas, now I am back in Boston and it's snowing :-( I'll get back to some real updates very soon!

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